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Sound Innovation at Its Finest
Meat Beat Manifesto Remix Project
Meat Beat Manifesto

 ::  Fans Who Are Musicians    [ R e m i x   P r o j e c t ]  ::

Using new methods, new machines, and new products, the Meat Beat Manifesto Remix Project is now ready to design future worlds.

Compiled by Benny Sanches and Francesca Da Sacco, the Meat Beat Manifesto remix project has successfully unveiled itself, and the MP3 tracks are now available to download. With the MBM Zombie e-List as the central-hub, contributors were asked to remix any MBM track past or present. It was only a matter of time before 16 remixes highlighting Jack Dangers' extensive career in musical creation and sound sculpting were collected for this project.

The MBM Historical Archive is the home of this Remix Project. With over an hour of pure MBM audio enjoyment, tracks such as "Not Playing God", "Strap Down", "Original Control", "10x Faster Than the Speed of Love", "Acid Again", "Radio Babylon", "Helter Skelter", "Circles", "Wild Life" and several others are remixed with a high dose of precision. Please keep in mind that many of the following remixes are not solely dedicated to remixing one particular tune. In fact, most of them are an audio-collage of many other MBM tracks. So sit back, download the 16 remixes listed below, and set your receivers.

THANKS to the Meat Beat Manifesto Zombie-List for creating an avenue for the discussion of MBM related events, news, and information. All the contributors for their submissions, patience, and genuine efforts. And a shout out to the creator of the beat and rhythm selector JACK DANGERS for allowing such a project to foster inspiration amongst his listeners.

Text and Remix Descriptions by: Pietrobot

MBM  8 Frozen Modules :: Is Teenage America In the Mode of Thinking Fast? [ 4:40 - 6.4 MB ] Submitted By: 8FM
8FMThe already classic "Hello Teenage America" sample lifted from the highly acclaimed 99% album on Mute is initially a short tune, direct and to the point, and with that ever sweet Charly Brown theme song as background. Eight Frozen Modules uses 99% of the pieces involved with the original cut and revamps it entirely to an entirely new level. A thick layer of abstract electro-tweaks pulsates around a tough 4/4 beat, while "Hello Teenage America" lyrics are splashed all around the edges. One of the more abstract electro workouts for this MBM Remix Project bringing forth a quick dose of dark metallic swirls in a matter of 5 minutes. Sharp, precise and to the point Eight Frozen Modules sets the pace for futuristic electro with this remix. "Is Teenage America In the Mode of Thinking Fast".. this track may just answer that question easily.    Eight Frozen Modules URL: http://www.eight-frozen-modules.com/
MBM  Adrian Cabassa & Willie Lister :: Strap Down Remix [Robbin' the 'Licka Store'] [ 5:10 - 3.6 MB ] Submitted By: Adrian Cabassa & Willie Lister
Adrian Cabassa & Willie Lister have re-engineered one of the most important introductions to the Meat Beat "sound" from the late 80s. With a delicately crafted bassline and precisely placed samples, "Robbin' the 'Licka Store" remix places Jack's original lyrics next to the needles scratching upon this gramophone of a circular cosmic spot. The sculpture of sound with this upbeat remix includes gritty percussive elements with layers of samples falling into each other. The finale to the "Robbin' the 'Licka Store" remix casually breaks away into its smaller components towards the end with a delicate collage of melodics.
MBM  Adrian Cabassa & Willie Lister :: Acid Again [ 4:35 - 4.2 MB ] Submitted By: Adrian Cabassa & Willie Lister
With Adrian Cabassa & Willie Lister's "Acid Again" remix, a nod to heavy electro bass/techno from the early 90s is clearly displayed. The looped, "Freaked out on acid" sample is continually spun around a layer of atmospheric tweaks, digital taps and an array of catchy high hats. For those of you looking to delve into old-school electro with a darker element, then this remix of MBM's "Acid Again" may treat you just right. Essentially recommended for high-volume listening with speakers set approximately 8 feet apart.
MBM  Basin Jently :: I.A.M.E.L.E.C.T.R.O. [ 6:38 - 9.2 MB ] Submitted By: Basin Jently
Basin JentlyBasin Jently has done it again. With a full on remix of "I Am Electro", a completely live feel is present for the first couple of minutes. A robotic vocoder spelling the letters "i.a.m.e.l.e.c.t.r.o." is weaved in and out of each beat, while an experimental touch of melodic bleeps fly through the syncopated rhythm sections. The mid-points on this remix are mixtures of solid-electro and atmospheric funk, while a tougher 4/4 beat rolls in towards the end. High tech funk done with high tech precision by Basin Jently on this one. Crafting a classic electro remix that will leave your brain cells jumping for more.    Basin Jently URL: http://www.kuci.org/~brianm/basinjently
MBM  Basin Jently :: Not Playing Solitaire [ 6:38 - 9.2 MB ] Submitted By: Basin Jently
An interestingly fluid remix combining several sonic swirls molded to a cascade of distorted twists, mechanical samples, and a symphony of melodic tweaks. Basin Jently manages to incorporate a more experimental feeling to Jack Danger's original "Not Playing God" featured on the Skam Records split 12" with The Mellowtrons. Many funny noises introduce themselves to a wave of atmospheres while the landscape of mechanical tweaks fade away towards the end.    Basin Jently URL: http://www.kuci.org/~brianm/basinjently
MBM   Disco Room :: She's Unreal Tension Remix [ 6:10 - 8.6 MB ] Submitted By: Disco Room
Yet another fine remix from a talented Zombie-head known as Sean Mullen who operates his machines under the 'Disco Room' moniker. Utilizing more of Freddie Hubbard & Ilhan Mimaroglu's vocal-samples from "Sing Me A Song of Songmy" (Jazz Series, 1976), Disco Room creates a groovy downtempo remix that contains a soft rumbling bassline that casually morphs into an upbeat drum'n bass styled assault on the ears. "Give Me Love, So that I can KILL" is precisely maneuvered around this laid-back piece of musical engineering. Sean Mullen's talent is one to contend with; The creative use of the original samples from "She's Unreal" (Subliminal Sandwich, 1996) proves that he can easily nurture a breakbeat to its full capacity while downtempo rhythms cascade in the background. Kudos...    Disco Room Email: sean@imageworks.com
MBM   Exillon :: Horn of Jerico Remix [ 3:28 - 4.8 MB ] Submitted By: Jay Fields
Exillon (Zod/Tribal-Treble) composes, decomposes, extracts and retracts obliterated electronic sounds until there is nothing left but a catapulting flux of experimentally funked-up debris. It's when Exillon combines these corrupt basslines with layered ambiences and sputtered beats that one really begins to digest the aural palette of ideas that this San Francisco (Bay Area) based producer is capable of. In a matter of 3-minutes Exillon delivers a manifesto of bumpy electronics that doesn't let down for an instant.    Exillon URL: http://zebox.com/exillon/
MBM   iNTROSPEKT :: Original Control Remix [ 5:56 - 5.5 MB ] Submitted By: Benny Sanches
Introspekt Benny Sanches masterfully accomplishes one of the highlights of Meat Beat Manifesto's Zombie Remix Project. Having the skills at re-interpreting Satyricon's "Original Control" with perfection, this remix is crafted with a focus on tight production and hard basslines. Casually morphing tracks like "Love Mad" and "Psyche Out" samples into the mix, this track should have you cowering in the middle of the dance floor. Your bass-bins will thank you for the raw electro-juice that Introspekt lays out for all to see, hear, listen and feel.
MBM  Hexane :: Circles vs. Spheres [Extended Ellipse]   [ 11:42 - 9.6 MB ] Submitted By: Hexane
Running the full gamut, from minimal experimental techno, to full force dance-floor raveups, one of the most exciting aspects of electronic music is the ability to re-conceptualize existing musical works. While Hexane admit that they "don't usually make trance music.." they also informed us that for the following submission "it just works on Circles". And such is the case with this 12 minute track that comes loaded with early 90s influenced trance/acid-techno with a focus on bringing an entirely new spin on the already classic "Circles" track featured on Satyricon. While the backbone of the original "Circles" track is replaced with a trance/acid-techno flavor, a few of the existing lyrics make an appearance on this track. Please keep in mind that not only is this a remix of "Circles" but there are also traces of "The Sphere" (mind is perpetual motion, its symbol is the sphere), scattered throughout the mixture of "Circles" and the consistent pulse of Hexan's nostalgic acid-techno. Fans of early trance might be interested in this rather lengthy piece of musical landscapes. An interesting perspective that highlights an entirely distinct musical genre. Hexane Email: doktorboring@hotmail.com
MBM  Line Noise :: Helter Skelter Remix   [ 11:24 - 16 MB ] Submitted By: Line Noise
The Miami, Florida contingent and avid MBM aficionados at Laced Milk have composed what could very well be the lengthiest remix ever produced (well, it comes in 2nd next to Hexane's remix). 11-minutes of strangled electro samplings and atypical screeches are manipulated and re-configured in such a way that you simply can't stop moving to the funk once this track is in rotation. Loosely tied atmospheric elements run rampant with a collage of vocal samples until a steadily flowing rhythmical beat waves across the audio spectrum. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Line Noise frequency range. Line Noise URL: http://www.lacedmilk.com
MBM  MJK :: I Live 4 Drugz [ 5:06 - 5.9 MB ] Submitted By: Michael Kaplan
"I Live 4 Drugz" sounds like a remix of many tracks dropped into one, combining early-mid-90s electro with funky and mechanical rhythms. Sampling "Acid Again" vocals and bending each digital element to its absolute extents, MJK adds his own acid hooks, and watery basslines to make this remix a fluid workout on the brain. Some of the percussive elements on "I Live 4 Drugz" sound like outakes from Storm the Studio, -- nonetheless, this remix, with its electro-experimentation highlights the mind-altering side of MBM's music throughout the years. "Acid Again" fans take note burn with ecstasy and enjoy this (beta version) remix now! Complete remix coming soon.
MBM  Resident Lab :: Radio Halcyon [ 5:12 - 4.7 MB ] Submitted By: Iread
Resident Lab does it again, with a second try at remixing one of MBM's most classic tracks "Radio Babylon". The original bassline has been altered slightly, falling into a punchier landscape while peculiar samples are tossed around the heavy percussion. Tune in a little further, and the bassline you thought was morphing into a creature finally turns into its own entity, live and persistent and as vibrant as ever. Whereas Resident Labs "3 BPM Faster then the Terror Dome" delves into a mix of tracks, "Radio Halycon" displays an original remix with signature bleeps, rhythms, obscurities, and all the original samples for a completely fulfilling experience in sound innovation. The ending fades away as peacefully as the introduction.. atmospheric ambience molded to gritty metallic sparks. Well done.
MBM  Resident Lab :: 3 BPM Faster then the Terror Dome [ 6:01 - 5.6 MB ] Submitted By: Iread
Ian Read's remix of MBM's "10x Faster Than the Speed of Love" is more of a collage of bizarre samples from alternate sources (James Brown, Public Enemy etc.) casually sliding into "10x Faster.." lyrics. Not much is altered in the way of the original tune, but a definite compliment to Public Enemy is apparent with Resident Lab's interpretation. Slowly inserting vocal samples in between the relaxed back beat, this remix is true to its origin, and a pleasure to digest.
MBM  Ron West :: Have a Good Day!  [ 5:13 - 4.8 MB ] Submitted By: Ron West
Ron West's "Have a Good Day" can't be mistaken for a remix of MBM's "Helter Skelter" sampling the signature lyrics "It's in my Brain". While most of the remixes for this project have been on the electro experimental break-beat tip, Ron West introduces a solid 4/4 beat along the lines of Orbital meets DHS. Dropping his own electrical rhythms and basslines, "Have a Good Day" brings back memories of Meat Beat Manifesto during concert. A direct and clean beat is polished against subtle tweaks and high-hats. New voice samples are realized towards the end including what sounds like an old film clip with the lyrics, "Have a Good Day" repeated over and over again. Overall, Ron West focuses on a more direct and punchy dark-techno remix of "Helter Skelter", and accomplishes just that.
MBM  Thread :: Wild Life [Cerulean Mix] [ 5:31 - 5.1 MB ] Submitted By: James Izzo
Thread Thread, who has recorded for the Sensory Expansion Media record label, has intertwined his more relaxed and ambient melodies for the remix of MBM's "Wild Life". Subtracting the vocals and adding a mysteriously abstract and atmospheric tone, James Izzo (aka Thread) manages to develop a swirl of electrical debris while maintaining the tracks original structure. "Wild Life (Cerulean Mix)" has a creative mood that should have you asleep and dreaming of the delicate beauty it creates within minutes. Thread URL: http://www.sensoryexpansion.com/
MBM  Topher :: Original Control [ 9:17 - 12.8 MB ] Submitted By: Topher
One might question how such a remix can cross so many genres. With an introduction that falls somewhere between reggae and something that Alex Paterson (The Orb) might produce, Topher's remix is highly entertaining, relaxing, and very well produced. Blending harsh industrial elements with the vocal samples of "Original Control", the introduction to this remix contains dark elements molded to an array of soft ambience. Fast forward to the middle section, and your immediately dropped into a bass-bin of beat-infused electro. With "my brain is bigger than yours" splashed all throughout the mix, Topher finishes the remix with a harmonious backdrop of peaceful ambience and beautiful bass-rhythms. Marvelous, simply marvelous.

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